There’s something about Summer that allows us to feel spacious and uninhibited. So we feel into that over the Summer season, seeking joy and allowing ourselves to dream the biggest, freest dreams that we can imagine for ourselves. Because we believe that dreams are our ambitions in the secret place. And ambitions become our real life visions. While making space for that, we enjoy the gifts that Summer affords us: the joys of spending time outdoors, maybe some time off, a break. Glasses clinking as the lengthier evenings loll ahead of us, laughter lifting up to meet the sun as it sets.


You slow and then you emerge. Thrust into the energy of a new year. Bleary eyed, like coming out of the darkness of a cinema in the middle of the afternoon. Take your time. Move slow. Adjust. Let the season make space for you and allow your energy to guide you.


Spring arrives and brings with it lightness, brightness and clarity. This season we will focus on ushering in the Spring in our minds. There is good in these lives of ours, and we’re going to dig into that by conjuring creativity, magnifying the good and aligning our mindset to see it all. The season invites expansion and expression in line with nature blooming and coming to life. Let’s bloom.


And just like that, a new season is here. If Autumn were a perfume, the heart notes that everything else is built around, would be everything rich, warm and intense. We bring that feeling into focus and practically into being, by spending the season inviting nourishment, harvest and the substantial into the tapestry of our lives. This season, we gather expanse and intentionality by seeking opportunity and simplicity. Ready? Let’s go.

Not matter what stage you are in on your own journey, we'll be here every step of the way.

Our Founder and CEO

Why hello there…

I’m Ramat and I’m the Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of The Inspiration Box. My purpose in life is to simply cheerlead people on to being the truest version of themselves, however that might show up for them. I started the Inspiration Box initially as an outlet to remind myself and the world that everyone and everything has a story. We all have to start somewhere right?

As I explored how I could bring more cheer to people’s lives, I started creating candles and manifesto sets to prepare people for the start of each season. My belief was that while the world is in summer you could be in the depths of winter, so the candles were a reminder, that our light will always shine, it is just a matter of how bright.

As the idea has evolved, I realised there is more! to do and more people to reach, and so here we are. Join us on our journey to impact and contribute to the greater good of humanity.

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“Ramat was amazing! She really helped me think about all I had to offer the world, and showed me how not to minimise my achievements."

— Olamide A.

“She has an incredible no nonsense style which connects and resonates with audiences, especially amongst young aspiring people. more importantly she consistently delivers value.”

— Tunde Yusuff

“Ramat has empowered me to be unapologetic and to step into spaces as my authentic self. This has really elevated me in understanding my value, worth, my impact and so much more!”

— Emily Clark

Live your True and brilliant life.

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